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Gaston Electrical Company Leadership

Over 80 years of experience, professionalism, and trust.

Now in its third generation of family ownership, Gaston Electrical Company Leadership is committed to a culture of professionalism and reliability at every step. With an expert team of more than 200 electricians/technicians, we ensure knowledgeable planning, management, and execution on all projects.

Bill Weber Gaston Electrical

William Weber, Jr.

Mike Weber Gaston Electrical

Michael Weber

Jim Reen Gaston Electrical

James Reen

VP Construction Operations
Walter Volpe Gaston Electrical Boston

Walter Volpe

Chief Estimator
Kerry McGaffigan Gaston Electrical

Kerry McGaffigan

Tim Reen Gaston Electrical

Tim Reen

Director of Field Operations
Headshot of Kevin Kapatoes Director of Technology Infrastructure Gaston Electrical Company Leadership

Kevin Kapatoes

Technology Infrastructure Division Manager
Gaston Electrical Company Leadership

Ed Dowling

Technology Infrastructure Project Manager
Headshot photo of Brian Jasinski Project Executive at Gaston Electrical

Brian Jasinski

Project Executive
John Buckley Gaston Electrical

John Buckley

Service Division Manager
Adam Jorgenson Gaston Electrical

Adam Jorgenson

Senior Project Manager
Rick Coakley Gaston Electrical

Rick Coakley

Corporate Safety Director
Nina Radzim Gaston Electrical

Nina Radzim

Director of Human Resources
Headshot photo of Tim West Director of Marketing at Gaston Electrical Company Leadership

Tim West

Director of Marketing
David Fiorini Gaston Electrical

David Fiorini

BIM/VDC Manager
Mark Dimillio Gaston Electrical

Mark DiMillio

Purchasing Manager