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Our new “Spotlight ON” feature kicks off with Journeywoman Heather MacMaster

Thank you for visiting our new “Spotlight ON” feature where we will be speaking with members of the Gaston Team and asking them questions about their careers, backgrounds, and interests.

We’re kicking off this new series with Journeywoman Heather MacMaster. At the time of this post, Heather is working at the Boston University Center for Computing and Data Sciences Building.

How long have you been an Electrician?

Nearly 20 years.

Tell me how things have changed regarding Women on jobsites over your 20 years?

I went from being one of the only females onsite to being one of five on my current job. Females currently make up 10% of construction in Mass and are more accepted on jobsites.

I know you started a Facebook Group recently with some friends. What’s the name of it?

 It is called Boston Union Trade Sisters.

How did you start this group?

During the pandemic last year, I was talking to an old friend from another Local about the idea of starting a Facebook Group for all Women in the trades. It started with 5 Women and has grown to almost 700 in one year. 

Why did you start this group?

We wanted to create a safe space for Women in the trades to network, get advice on work-related issues and personal matters, and build a community of strong, confident females working in the construction field.

What has surprised you about this group of Women?

Seeing the amount of support people receive from strangers. It’s an uplifting group of Women; we really feel like sisters.

I understand you hold events throughout the year. What kind of events has your group hosted?

We’ve held bowling nights, self-defense class, cookouts, dance lessons, a double-dutch tournament – and soon we’re hosting our first Gala.

Can you talk more about the Gala? Tell me about the inspiration for this event and what should people expect if they attend?

The Facebook Group founders wanted to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished this past year. The Gala takes place on April 2nd in Quincy. We’ve already sold out and expect nearly 300 people. We’re going to have female speakers talking about the importance of Women in construction as well as dinner, dancing, and raffles to raise funds for the group and community.

What can we expect to see from Boston Union Trade Sisters in the future?

We’re hoping to grow, offer more continuing education for Women, and inspire other cities/states to create their own community of Tradeswomen.

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New Video Highlights Coordination And Prefabricated Load Centers At Quincy Residential Tower Project

“Continuous Improvement” is one of our four core values at Gaston Electrical. More than just words, we try to put them into practice daily. This particular core value takes special attention and effort however – as it requires all of us to think outside the box, question the way we (as a company and industry) have always done things, then develop innovative solutions to meet our goals.

Creative problem solving won’t be found as a daily responsibility in most electrical job postings, but in today’s competitive construction market, it is essential. Our electricians, project managers, and prefabrication team members are continually solving problems and developing innovative solutions.

Once Chestnut Place residential tower in Quincy, MA

They are highly-skilled at identifying opportunities for greater efficiency and increased safety, then putting plans into practice – all the while coordinating, adapting, and communicating across multiple departments (and with our clients) to ensure success.

Once such example is the successful collaboration between Project Manager Adam Stanieich , General Foreman Jim Ferris, Project Superintendent Mike Martinelli, and the Prefabrication Department Manager DJ Murray at our One Chestnut Place residential tower project in Quincy, MA.

For this 140-room, 18 story apartment tower project, the team worked together to identify prefabrication opportunities at the outset – resulting in the creation of prefabricated load centers which could be assembled in our 15,000 SF shop and delivered to the jobsite, and wheeled into place per our schedule.

Please click here to view the video of this successful load center installation process and learn more about our prefabrication services.

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Gaston Blog Series / 2019 Electrical Systems Preventative Checklist

Greetings from the Gaston Electrical Service Division. As 2018 comes to a close, many property owners and managers are gearing up for 2019 projects and improvement programs – including preventative maintenance for building systems. While we stand ready to provide all electrical and technology infrastructure solutions (along with 24-hour emergency service), we prefer to work with our customers in identifying potential issues before an emergency arises.

Preventative Maintenance of critical building equipment can help identify and rectify issues before they escalate into major problems for property management and tenants. These actions will ensure that electrical systems are performing at optimal levels – significantly reducing costly downtime. To help with your proactive planning, we have compiled a helpful checklist of considerations for improved electrical building maintenance.

Gaston Electrical

Infrared Scanning

  • Annual Infrared scanning of energized electrical systems
  • Switchgear, busway, panelboards, disconnect switches, generator equipment, and UPS systems should all be scanned

Gaston Electrical

Switchgear, Transformers, Panelboards, and UPS systems

  • A cleaning and visual inspection of all components
  • Transformer testing – including oil sampling for primary transformers
  • Breaker testing
  • 100% UPS load and battery testing and maintenance

Bus Duct Testing

  • Visual inspections
  • Infrared scanning
  • Torquing of all bus duct connections
  • Megger testing of all bussing
  • Contact resistance testing

Life Safety

  • Verify functionality of all emergency lighting systems
  • Manually test all batteries
  • Visually test all emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm testing per NFPA-72
  • Visual inspections of fire alarm
  • Waterflow, tamper, battery tests
  • Complete fire alarm systems testing

Generator Testing:

  • Testing per NFPA 110
  • 30-minute testing including ATS testing
  • Load bank testing
  • Fuel sampling and testing by ISO-certified laboratory
  • Scheduled maintenance by factory-authorized representative
  • Infrared scanning of all connections (annually)
  • Modernization and retrofitting (as necessary)

Power quality metering

  • Identify loads on switchgear, panelboards, emergency systems, etc.
  • Monitoring and logging system performance
  • Identifying specific problems within the electrical system

Click here to email John Buckley / Gaston Electrical Service Division Manager or call 781.255.8881

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Gaston Blog Series / Top 5 Benefits of BIM Practices for Subcontractors

Gaston Electrical BIM

Gaston Electrical BIM

Gaston’s Top 5 Benefits of BIM Practices for Subcontractors.
By David Fiorini – BIM/VDC Manager

Looking forward to 2018, we begin to take stock of the recent months, and set plans for continuous improvement in the new year. Our goal, as always, is to be proactive in identifying then implementing best practices for all aspects of our business. This applies to everything from field equipment to new software. Recent years have proven that the construction industry is accelerating the adoption of new technology like no other time in history. For a company or project to achieve true success in this era, all members of the team must be knowledgeable, skilled, and highly-connected through open communication. Project delivery methods and expectations from Construction Managers have evolved as well, and it is imperative for subcontractors to operate at the leading-edge to meet demand and differentiate themselves from the pack.

Gaston Electrical embraces Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies and practices as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. In an accelerated and digital environment, we utilize industry-leading software programs and pre-fabrication practices to deliver increased accuracy and efficiencies on all projects. Autodesk defines BIM as “an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure”. We are proud of our commitment to operate at the forefront of BIM adoption/utilization – and to be viewed as a valued and sophisticated project partner. BIM plays an important role in our daily practices, and its many benefits are evident to our team, and clients alike.


Gaston Electrical BIM

Gaston Electrical BIM

The following are Gaston’s Top 5 Benefits of BIM practices for subcontractors.

  1. Increased quality of drawings and project workflow – The digital model allows for highly-accurate plans and workflow models to be developed. Teams can then create electrical drawings for shop prefabrication and field installation utilizing the latest Autodesk Software.
  2. Reduced requests for information (RFIs) and task rework – By utilizing BIM during coordination phases with the General Contractor, Design Team and other Trades; we can review design flaws in real time and resolve problems without going through the RFI process (which can be costly and timely) – let alone having to revisit a task or phase once the project has begun. Coordinating ahead of time and running clash detection reduces field errors and the likelihood of costly coordination delays once a project is underway.
  3. Reduced waste and overall project cost – Coordination and pre-planning allows our prefabrication department to manufacture and prep materials for installation with added accuracy. This high level of coordination significantly reduces waste on the jobsite – often resulting in savings for materials and man-hours alike.
  4. Increased accuracy with virtual inspection – Intense review of digital models (with all involved parties) prior to pre-fabrication and construction is key. All stakeholders must coordinate and run clash detection against other project trades and building structures to ensure the most efficient jobsite and task/phase delivery. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of costly issues on the jobsite.
  5. Increased job collaboration – As projects become more complex, and deadlines/expectations are accelerated, teams must establish, and maintain clear lines of communication and collaboration. The role of the electrical contractor is important throughout the entire pre-planning and construction process. It is essential to have a skilled digital design team in place to coordinate with the general contractor and other trades at every step. This will improve decision making processes and overall performance across the lifecycle of the construction delivery process.


Gaston Electrical BIM

Gaston Electrical BIM