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A commitment to technology and innovation.

Gaston Electrical embraces new technology as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

In an accelerated and digital world, we utilize industry-leading software programs and pre-fabrication practices to deliver increased accuracy and efficiencies on all projects.

Cutting-edge software allows our team to:

  • Create electrical drawings for shop fabrication and field installation utilizing FabricationMEP 2017 – with a full design line electrical database add-on.
  • Export all drawn electrical content to vendor order sheets in Excel.
  • Import and export data to and from Revit 2017.
  • Coordinate and run clash detection against other trades and structures utilizing Navisworks Manage 2017.
  • Share the latest building model with field foremen to provide better understand of project phases during construction utilizing Autodesk A360.
  • Share latest GEC shop drawings and documents straight to field IPads utilizing Bluebeam Revu Studio – allowing for real-time field markups for as-built use.

The Total Station - Increasing collaboration and coordination.

Gaston Electrical also utilizes a Total Station.

The Total Station allows our team to mark locations with a high level of accuracy when installing hangers or coring locations based on the digital model – which ensures a faster, more accurate layout. This technology is an advancement from traditional tape measures, which leave substantial room for human error.

The Total Station process:

  • Draw and coordinate all electrical components (conduits, wall slab sleeves & cores, lighting, hangers & supports) in a 3D environment using FabricationMEP.
  • Add job site field control points from general contractor and all electrical stakeout points into a digital model via Autodesk Point Layout software.
  • Export all points from CAD drawing and post to Microsoft One Drive Cloud for the Total Station at the job site to retrieve.
  • Once the Total Station downloads posted files and has locked the unit into field control points, the Total Station is now ready to stakeout all electrical points provided.
  • When stakeout is complete, the stakeout file is sent back to the CAD station to be compared with the accuracy of point layout from the job site.
  • The stakeout file is also shared with general contractor to ensure that all electrical components will be installed in the locations that have been coordinated.